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Growing & Learning

We designed this space to be friendly and accessible to all - to offer a professional, chef-quality kitchen that is an easy transition from a home environment. We're learning every day how to offer the best space for our members so let's grow and learn together!

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How We Became
YVR Prep

Like many aspiring entrepreneurs, we all had dreams of launching a game changing business that would one day allow us to quit our day jobs and be our own bosses. One of us (Jason) freelanced as a marketing consultant while two of us (Chefs Ryan and Josh) have nearly 40 years of combined experience in the kitchen. All of us were hungry to do something different so naturally, we did what all aspiring entrepreneurs do… we became parents.

Then two things happened...Jason opened a co-working space and demand for it quickly grew. Ryan and Josh were developing plans for a food venture which would need a kitchen. We put our heads together and realized the potential for a professional, co-working kitchen.

We knew exactly what we wanted the space to look and feel like, being chefs ourselves. We put in the hard work, being involved in every step and aspect of designing and building the kitchen, so that it would meet our ideals and exceed members' expectations. To this day, we are still hands-on and riding the highs and lows because we are hard-working entrepreneurs, just like our members.

YVR Prep

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