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Why Work Here

Why choose us? Because we've got you covered!
At YVR Prep, you don't have to worry about anything except your production.

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Why Choose YVR Prep

We take care of all the hidden costs of starting and running a food business:

  • Building permits (no need to apply for additional permits, as a co-working space we already have the permits so you can get started right away)
  • Fire safety & inspections (our kitchen is fully approved & inspected by the City of Burnaby, fire department & Fraser Health Authority)
  • Equipment (a wide variety of equipment available to help you easily scale up)
  • Entry-level commitment (so you can start with the bare minimum if that's all you can manage)
  • You only pay for the time & space you need! (& there's the flexibility to add & grow when you're ready)
  • Co-working space (a beautiful, open concept office available to all our members for meetings, tastings, interviews, or just taking a break)
  • Networking (our members not only become friends, but collaborators & sounding boards to encourage each other & share ideas & tips)
  • Transition support (as much support as you need to get started in a commercial kitchen & familiar with the equipment)
  • Knowledge base (learn from our experience & your fellow Preppies)
  • Village of entrepreneurs (50+ fellow entrepreneurs rooting for you!)
  • Location (you can't beat our central location near the Vancouver/Burnaby border - 2 minutes from Costco, 8 minutes from Superstore, 5 minutes from Highway 1)
  • Dishwashing service (we offer dishwashing service 7 days a week)
  • Maintenance & repair of equipment (taken care of by us!)
  • Utilities (all utilities are included in the membership fee)
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning are included in the membership fee)
  • Insurance (our insurance covers all of our property, equipment, etc.; you just need liability insurance to protect your own company)
  • Garbage, recycling & organics pick-up (regularly scheduled pick-ups to ensure the kitchen area is always clean)
  • Pest control (we enforce a strong program that includes monthly inspections to keep our building pest-free)
  • Cleaning tools & chemicals (we provide everything you need to keep your station & storage clean & sanitized)
  • Janitorial services (our staff takes care of the daily clean up in the kitchen & storage areas)

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Join the YVR Prep community and make your food business dream a reality!

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