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The Kitchen

We designed the YVR Prep commissary kitchen in a way that inspires and enables all food entrepreneurs to succeed.

Take a virtual tour of our impressive facility.

A Chef-Quality Kitchen Just Right for You

We provide a wide range of equipment that supports you to grow and transition from a home environment to a professional, chef-quality kitchen.

Members may sometimes be able to bring their own equipment. This is a decision made on a case-by-case basis at the time of application.

Below is a full list of our equipment with all the details.

YVR Prep

  • Ovens

    At YVR Prep, we have a few options when it comes to ovens:

    • 2 Combi Ovens

    • 2 Convection Ovens

    • 1 Rotating Oven (Exclusive for Pastries)

    • 3 Lowboy Ovens

  • Stoves

    There are three varieties of stoves to choose from in our kitchen:

    • 10 Gas Burners

    • 4 Gas burners

    • 1 Induction Burner

  • Food Processors

    Food processing has never been more convenient with the options available here:

    • 1 20L Robot Coupe BLIXER

    • 1 Small Robot Coupe

    • 1 Brunner Anliker Veggie Chopper

  • Blending

    All your blending needs can be taken care of with:

    • 1 45L Robot Coupe Immersion Blender

    • 1 Vitamix Blender

  • Commercial Ice Machine
  • Mixers

    We're making mixing as easy as possible for all our members with the options available in our kitchen:

    • Two 30qt Paddle Mixers

    • One 20qt Paddle Mixer

    • One 30qt Dough Mixer

  • Electric Dough Sheeter

    In the YVR Prep kitchen we have one electric dough sheeter.

  • Cooling

    All your cooling needs can be met in our kitchen. We offer the following:

    • One Walk-in Cooler

    • One Walk in Freezer

    • Five Reach in Freezers

    • One Blast Chiller

  • Dishwashing

    Keeping everything clean and sanitary with our dishwashing options:

    • Commercial Dishwashing Machine

    • Double Dish Washing Sink

    • Triple Dish Washing Sink

  • 40L Steam Kettle
  • 30L Tilt Skillet
  • Commercial Slicer
  • 40L Fryer
  • Vacuum Packing Machine

Don't see the equipment you need? Contact us for more details.

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